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We support our customers from the initial discussion to long after project completion. Further, we are consistently researching new designs and trends within the pharmaceutical processing industry to ensure customer demands and project success.

Our Field Service Engineers have experience installing all types of equipment used in the pharmaceutical industry; from a washer-depyrogenation tunnel used in a manufacturing area, to a vial inspection machine in a quality control space. We remain we remain onsite during an installation to coordinate with the trades. This ensures the project is done right and on schedule. Recently, we overcame the challenges of installing a modular cleanroom on the 3rd floor of an office building. During an installation, issues can sometimes come up that were not thought of during initial planning. We always keep a positive attitude, work through the problem, and find a resolution that keeps the project moving forward. Further, we understand that the installation must be done according to the manufacturers guidelines. Thus, the the end result doesn’t change.

We are proud to offer design assistance and consultation for a truly complete solution. Further, Our design services are directed towards businesses and engineering leaders who wish to do more but have a limited staff. We understand that when a new project arises, it can sometimes stretch the limited time available to the in-house personnel. With our added experience, knowledge, and assistance, our engineering staff will be able to successfully complete your project on time.

We offer Project management services with a project we undertake including designing, budgeting, analyzing, forecasting, tracking progress, reporting costs, and finally project completion.

With our extensive experience in Project Management, we can facilitate a high level of control of your project from the time we begin work until our scope of work is completed, and beyond. We understand that projects that are well-defined, properly scoped out, and follow a schedule, will finish on time and within budget. Of course, no project is really successful unless it meets all of the quality requirements established for the project.

Start-up Activities (HVAC, Facility, Process)

  • Check-out coordination (Equipment and systems)
  • Start-up and IQ oversight (Equipment and systems)
  • Operational qualification oversight (Equipment and systems)
  • Project Wrap-up
  • Construction firm (General Contractor) review/selection
  • Building permit preparation
  • Coordination and oversight
  • Construction contract preparation/review
  • Review of sub-contractor and other contractors qualifications
  • Validation contractor review/selection
  • Oversight of construction activities
  • Validation contract management
  • City/state building inspections monitoring
  • Equipment installation oversight

We encourage our customers to purchase recommended spare parts at the same time as their initial equipment purchase. Moreover, as any system ages the initial set of recommended spares may not be adequate, thus we recommend that you re-check and keep the recommended spare parts on-hand (ensuring minimum downtime).  We can also assist you in reviewing your current spare parts, and recommend any other items that you may want to consider stocking based on the age of your system (this service is also free during the first evaluation visit with a new PM contract).

Our Field Service Engineers are polite, professional, and take pride in the work they do. All of our technicians have considerable work experience in the pharmaceutical processing industry and understand how critical a production schedule can be. Thus, we are able to troubleshoot, identify and repair any electro-mechanical problems you have with the equipment, and we strive to get your equipment back into production in a timely manner.

Preventive maintenance can go a long way in helping to minimize the risk of unscheduled downtime due to equipment failure. We can help minimize these concerns and ensure that your systems remain in good operating condition providing many more years of trouble-free service with our preventive maintenance programs.

Although we take pride in providing the most reliable and long-lasting pharmaceutical equipment available, ultimately all equipment with moving parts needs occasional maintenance. When left without maintenance, even something as simple as a set screw working loose on a bearing, can result in significant downtime and lost production.

If we haven’t had the opportunity to inspect your equipment for a year for more, we can setup a time to thoroughly go over the system and recommend a course of action to ensure that it remains in perfect running condition.  We also offer different preventative maintenance plans depending on your needs and budget.

Further, for service and maintenance reasons a remote access modem will be included with your system.

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