Modular Cleanroom Systems

Clean3 Modular Systems

Experience the convenience and efficiency of CLEAN3 Turn-Key Cleanrooms. Explore our comprehensive selection of ready-to-use cleanroom solutions.

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Explore the cutting-edge CLEAN3 Cleanroom Monitors. Discover our advanced monitoring systems designed specifically for cleanroom environments, providing accurate and real-time data to ensure optimal cleanliness and control.

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Discover the range of CLEAN3 Cleanroom Furnishings and Accessories. Explore our comprehensive selection of furnishings and accessories designed specifically for cleanroom environments.

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CLEAN3 Modular Systems provide advantages in both design and construction. Experience the advantages of our innovative modular systems that excel in design and construction aspects.

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  • Our CLEAN3 Pharmaceutical Modular Cleanroom Systems feature innovative, cost-effective, and fast-track design.
  • All systems provide extremely durable phenalic wall systems.
  • Swing-out, roll-up, or sliding doors are available for all systems.
  • Windows are easily integrated with walls and doors.
  • Flush connections between floors, walls and ceiling.
  • Dual ceiling system.
  • All cleanroom components are designed for integration with any turn-key system.
  • All equipment designed for integration with any turn-key system.
  • Optional cleanroom system accessories are available.
  • We offer a variety of cleanroom systems including Turn-key Systems, Deployable Systems, Soft-wall Systems, Cold-rooms, Walk-in Incubators and Bio-decontamination Generators.

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