Inspection Systems

Automatic Inspection System

BM Model, For Plastic Bags

Automatic Inspection System

C2 Model

Automatic Inspection System

C2D Model

Automatic-Visual Inspection System

C3 Model

Visual Inspection System

RC Model

Visual Inspection Bench

TB Model

IV Bag Inspection Line

VIS Model

Manual Inspection Booth

MIB-50 Model

Manual Inspection Booth

MIB-100 Model
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For Pharmaceutical Processing

  • Process vials, cartridges, syringes and ampoules, IV bags, BFS Strips, plastic containers
  • Further, our systems are both reliable and easy to use
  • Feature a variety of models including automatic, semi-automatic, manual, visual and offline systems
  • Moreover,  each inspection system uses the high voltage method
  • Lastly, all of our pharmaceutical Inspection Systems are manufactured in accordance with cGMP regulations and CFR21/PART11 compliance, are completely validatable, and suitable for use in FDA and EMA regulated facilities

Additionally, please send us your preferred container size and run rate and we will provide a customized line quote per your specific requirements.


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