Trending Technologies in Aseptic Manufacturing Facilities

By Hite Baker, Principal Process Engineer. Posted July 6, 2017.

by Hite Baker, Principal Process Engineer In this special Facility Focus report based on DME’s recent industry surveys, you will learn about how pharmaceutical project stakeholders work with sterile manufacturing technology.

CLEAN3 Modular Systems: Why Modular?

By Bruce Anthenat, President of AWS Bio-Pharma Technologies. Posted July 6, 2017.

Our phenolic wall panels are extremely resistant to the occasional bump by a cart, tank or other metal objects which virtually eliminates the extensive wall repairs of conventional drywall systems. See our “strike test” video and try it for yourself.
AWS Bio-Pharma Clean-cubed cleanroom windows

Pharmaceutical Modular Cleanrooms Guide

By Neil Hamilton, Technical Vice President of AWS Bio-Pharma Technologies. Posted June 2021.

This guide will describe the benefits of CLEAN3 modular cleanrooms as used in the pharmaceutical and related industries. Construction of the various parts of the cleanroom will be detailed in this guide which will also discuss various modular cleanroom applications as related to non-potent, high-potent and hazardous drugs. Specifically, this guide will talk about conventional pharmaceutical manufacturing, 503B compounding pharmacies and aseptic pharmaceutical manufacturing. Furthermore, CLEAN3 cleanrooms can be designed to accommodate high potency and other hazardous drug manufacture by filling and compounding using negative pressure rooms.

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