Pharmaceutical Cleanroom Systems

Pharmaceutical Cleanroom Systems

At AWS, we specialize in providing high quality pharmaceutical processing equipment. In addition, we distribute our privately branded CLEAN3 Pharmaceutical Modular Cleanroom Systems exclusively. Thus, we are able to provide a fully customized cleanroom processing space, realized in our CLEAN3 Turn-key System. CLEAN3 Modular Systems, we specialize in providing Pharmaceutical Modular Turn key Cleanroom Systems that will improve your aseptic processing exponentially! All of our Modular Systems feature durable walls, flexible floor space, flush connections, dual ceiling systems and more!


Our CLEAN3 Turn-key Systems include all of our base components; plus flooring, lighting, HEPA filters, HVAC systems, fire suppression systems for a fully customized Cleanroom. In addition, we can integrate aseptic processing systems, support equipment and optional cleanroom accessories into any CLEAN3 Turn-key System. Further, we offer a complete documentation package and commissioning, a single point of responsibility, and fixed installation date. Moreover, all of our CLEAN3 Turn-key Systems feature innovative design, durable walls, flexible floor space, flush connections, dual ceiling systems, cost-effective construction and more! Lastly, we are consistently researching new designs within the cleanroom industry to ensure all of our products are truly state-of-the-art.

Our CLEAN3 System Base Components include Design, Engineering, Walls, Doors, Windows, Ceiling System, Coving, Installation, Start-up and Project Management. Additionally, our Turn-key System components includes all base components plus HVAC System, HEPA Filters, Flooring System, Lighting System and Fire suppression systems.