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Regular cGMP Steam Autoclave

RSA Series

Regular cGLP Steam Autoclave


cGMP Terminal Sterilizer

TS Model

cGMP Parts-Glassware Cleaning

UCW Series

cGLP Glassware Washer

AQUA Series

cGMP Dry Heat Sterilizer

DHS Series

cGMP Stopper Processing

CPE Series
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  • Terminal Sterilization GMP equipment for liquids in sealed containers such as BFS bottles, glass bottles, syringes and bags
  • GMP equipment of moist heat, high pressure – high vacuum for the Steam Sterilization of porous and non-porous loads
  • Dry Heat Sterilization and Depyrogenation GMP equipment for heat resistant products such as glass vials, ampoules and stainless steel containers
  • GMP Parts and Glassware Cleaning and Disinfecting equipment
  • Decontamination GMP equipment by Hydrogen Peroxide of rooms and restricted areas
  • Hot Air Drying GMP equipment for granulates and powders
  • Ethylene Oxide Sterilization for heat sensitive products such as plastic syringes perfusions sets, dialysis cartridges and catheters
  • Laboratory Sterilizers/Autoclaves for liquids and solids
  • Laboratory Glassware Washers
  • Medical Steam Sterilizers for surgical instruments and garments

Please send us your preferred container size and run rate and we will provide a customized line quote per your specific requirements.

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