Filling Systems

Filling-Sealing System

AFM Series

Filling System

VFM Series

Filling-Stoppering-Capping System

VFCM Series

Filling-Stoppering-Capping System

VFSCM Series

Filling-Stoppering-Capping System

VFCM-P Series

Filling-Stoppering-Capping System

VKFCM Series

Filling-Stoppering-Capping System


Opthalmic Filling System

OFCM Series

IV Bag Filling System

BFIL Series

Robotic Nested Filling-Sealing System

RNFM Series

Modular Tabletop Filling System

FSM Series

Complete Compact Filling Line

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  • Process vials, cartridges, syringes and ampoules
  • In-line transport and small width, suitable for the application of RABS and isolators
  • Reduced volume to be monitored and sterilized
  • Continuous monitoring of the viable and non-viable particles
  • Filling by volumetric pumps and/or peristaltic pumps actuated by servomotors
  • Nitrogen purging inside the containers before, during and after the filling
  • 100% IPC (In Process Control) of the weight and statistical Check Weighing system with feedback to the dosing pumps
  • Optional processing of pre-filled syringes (loaded from the nests)
  • Vibration generator for the bowl of stoppers inside the mechanical volume, below the process area
  • Designed to reduce particle generation by rotating the vials under the blades
  • Optional ampoule closing station
  • All Systems are in compliance with cGMP, GAMP and 21CFR Part11 requirements
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